Instant Website Downtime Alerts

Be the first one to know if your website or server is down with the lightning fast alerts that minimizes downtime and lost revenue. The alert messages will be sent immediately when the system detects a fault on your website or server.

If you want to send multiple email alerts, just seperate each email address with a comma when you setup the monitor. You can also change your user profile to have multiple email addresses by default.

How Do You Track Website Uptime?

Most website owners do not regularly track their site’s server uptime. People just expect it to work. Well, although most hosting providers guarantee nearly 100% server uptime these days, a web host can never be up and running all the time. Human errors, network malfunction, overloaded server, power failure, hacker attacks, or even a heavy storm could cause a server outage – there are just too many breaking points to cover.

Hence, no matter how satisfied you are or how much trust you have with your hosting provider, you should monitor and track your site.

Multiple Email Alerts

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