Website Keyword Monitoring

It's easy to add a keyword phrase that will be search for on your website. Your website may be running, but is your site really OK? Find out by adding a keyword phrase to look for within the page's contents. This feature is only available for premium subscribers.

How to setup a Keyword Monitor

To add a keyword, just login and edit your monitored website, and then type in your keyword phrase in the Keyword Check field.

From now on, your keyword is monitored, so every time we load your page, we’ll make sure the specified keyword is present. If we don’t find it, if your site returns an error or if it takes too long to respond, we’ll mark the monitor as down and send you a notification.

The keyword can be any phrase you need, it can be as a comment, or in a HTML tag (it doesn’t have to be visible on the page). You can place any markers in your pages and monitor them with keyword monitoring.

Add Monitored Keyword Check

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