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Don't leave your website's availability to chance! We all know the effects of website downtime. Downtime leads to revenue losses and can adversely affect your company's reputation as well. Therefore, it is very important that you monitor your website at all times. So that you know about problems before your customers do.

Specialists in website uptime monitoring. Receive instant alerts when your site is down or slow.

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Free 30 day trial available for up to 5 websites with checks every minute.

SSL Expiration

SSL certificate expiration checks. You'll be notified a month before expiration.

Domain Expiration

Website domain expiration expiration checks.

Slow Downs

Want to be notified when your website is running slower then normal? No problem.

Planned Outages

Do you have planned outages for routine maintenance are easy to setup with

Working Hours

It's simple to setup working hours. Alerts and uptime stats will be limited only to your working hours.

Keyword Checks

You can add a keyword phrase that will be checked and you'll receive alerts if the keyword doesn't appear.

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